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Septic System


Septic systems are designed to treat and disperse wastewater in areas that are NOT connected to municipal sewer or wastewater treatment plants. Septic systems are designed to effectively treat wastewater on a lot. They must be designed and installed by a licensed person.  In Maple Ridge, septic systems are most commonly found in rural communities.  Proper maintenance of septic systems and private wells are the responsibility of property owners to help ensure safe, clean drinking water from  their groundwater supply. Below are some very informative links to help homeowners understand how septic systems work, how to maintain them and to answer most frequently asked questions.






Wellhead  Protection


A Wellhead is the physical structure of a well above the ground.


















The Wellhead Protection Area is the area around the wellhead where land use activities have the  potential to affect quality and quantity of water that flows into the well. The 100 metre zone is the area around the wellhead where land use activities have the greatest potential to pose significant threat to the groundwater source. The Provincial Government has designed a Well Protection Toolkit which provides comprehensive information on wellhead protection and resource information to homeowners who derive their water from wells.



Well protection toolkit (electronic resource)

Shallow Wellhead

Drilled Wellhead


Maintenance and Operation of Sewage Disposal Systems

Care and
feeding of your
septic system


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